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In the paper, induction motors faults are studied and detected with the use of Radial basis function neural network. After mosaicing the Google Earth downloaded imageries of the study area, rectification of has been carried out using SOI toposheets. Studies on Performance and Kinetics of UASB and HUASB Reactors for Treating Tapioca – based Starch Industrial Wastes Stream, Ph. Thesis submitted to Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India, pp, 164. It was found that the importance of ‘segregation’ of waste has been realized by hospital staff. Simulation shows that depending upon network configuration, a substantial increase in network lifetime can be accomplished as compared to probabilistically selecting the nodes as cluster-heads using only local information.1. The patient have control over access to their own PHR. Vilaça "Influence of friction stir welding parameters on the microstructural and mechanical properties of AA6016-T4 thin welds", Materials and Design, Vol.

Radial Basis Function is trained and tested in this paper. Valorisation du phosphogypse de Tunisie en vue de son utilisation comme substituant au gypse naturel dans la fabrication du ciment. Vectorised cadastral map is prepared in the GIS environment using the scanned cadastral map of the study area and registered using Ground Control Points (GCPs) collected from GPS instrument. Kavurt, Antibiotic Fermentation Broth Treatment by a pilot upflow anaerobic sludge bed reactor and kinetic modeling, Bioresource Technology 121, 31–35, 2012. Further, HCEs in the region has been practicing one of the three methods (i.e. Government of India (Go I), Ministry of Environment and Forests (Mo EF), Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 and Bio-Medical waste (Management and Handling) (Amendment) Rules, 2003. Mohanasundram V (2003) The environmental implications and economic issues in biomedical waste management in urban Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India, Proc. Conference on Environment and Health, Chennai, India, Dec.15-17, pp 270-275. Sarojini E, Jayanthi S, Jothi Venkatraman S and Prashanthini K (2007) Performance study on common biomedical waste treatment facility, Chettipalayam, Coimbatore. Sheth K N and Desai P H (2006) Characterization and management of bio – medical waste in SAE hospital, Anand – A Case study, Electronic Jl. Yadavannavar M C, Berad A S and Jagirdar P B (2010) Biomedical waste management: A study of knowledge, attitude and practices in a Tertiary Health care institution in Bijapur, Indian Jl. Abstract: This research delineates a comprehensive and successful application of decision tree induction to large banking data set of different banking services obtained by numbers of customers. To achieve security of personal health records we use the attribute based encryption to encrypt the data before outsourcing it.

The exact solution obtained in absence of radiation- conduction fin parameter are compared with Wavelet Collocation solution are same. Jaluria, Analytical solution for the transient temperature distribution in a moving rod or plate of finite length with surface heat transfer, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 37(1994) 1193-1205. Aziz Analytical Solution for Convective-Radiative Continuously Moving Fin with Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity Int. Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is a sort of multi-function controller that can influence the transmission parameters individually or simultaneously. It is also well recognized method for optimistic consistency control. Timmermann, “Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy with deterministic cluster-head selection,” in Proc. Abstract: There are limitations on storage of call and message logs as well as images in mobile phone memory.

Wavelet Collocation Method is used to solve this nonlinear heat transfer problem. Abstract: Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) technology was introduced to overcome the operational difficulties with conventional method of power compensation. Round, “Investigation of dynamic controllers for a unified power flow controller,” in Proc. Remote operations are transformed against simultaneous operations that have been executed locally before its execution Operation transformation has been well conventional in group editors for achieve high local receptiveness and unconstrained collaboration. Liu, "Effects of tool rotation speed on microstructures and mechanical properties of AA2219-T6 welded by the external non-rotational shoulder assisted friction stir welding", Materials and Design, Vol.

Abstract: The concept of text mining is nothing but the mechanism of extracting non-trivial and interesting data from the unstructured text dataset. The whole analysis is presented in dimensionless form and effect of different parameters such as thermal conductivity parameter ‘a’, Peclet number ‘Pe’, convection-conduction parameter ‘Nc’, radiation-conduction parameter ‘Nr’, dimensionless convection sink temperature ‘θa’ and dimensionless radiation sink temperature ‘θs’ on the fin temperature is discussed in detail. This paper deals with the advanced control technique for UPFC to provide effective real and reactive power compensation. The Operational transformation framework is developed in the projects and the weaknesses of the existing system are conquering based on the concept called operation effects relation. We cannot see the records of deleted messages and cannot restore them same in case of images.

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For example, FX-s LMS algorithm behaves well than the second order VFXLMS algorithm in conditions of non-minimum phase and most important is the mean square error. Abstract: In this paper, the temperature distribution in convective radiative continuously moving fin with variable thermal conductivity, which is loosing heat by simultaneous convection radiation to surroundings, is studied. In addition, some researchers believe that the cost for providing end-to-end Qo S is too big, and it is better to invest on careful network design and careful network monitoring, in order to identify and upgrade the congested network links [4] Real time applications must have the capability to adapt their operation to network changes. In this study a standard process transformation framework is developed to professionally split the text and graphical data to the diverse users or an exacting user associated in the network.

The wiener filter based on least means squared (LMS) algorithm family is most sought after solution of ANC. The watermark embedded in the digital image may be incorrectly detected due to shortage of algorithms, so to precisely position the watermark is the main issue. In Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Conference on Computer Networks,398-409. Balasubramanian, "Influences of pin profile and rotational speed of the tool on the formation of friction stir processing zone in AA2219 aluminum alloy, "Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol.

So a proficient novel approach for ANC has been proposed. According to the basic analysis of digital image watermarking the digital watermarking model consists of two modules, which are watermark embedding module and watermark extraction and detection module Since it is known that digital image transmitted and spread over the network so there is a chance of being polluted by the noise or it may be attacked by the malicious users.

The major problems related to such techniques are efficient use and update of discovered patterns, problems related to the synonymy and polysemy etc. So in the present work a thermally insulated engine (IE) is developed which reduces the ignition delay and aids combustion. Transient stability analysis is done on a multi-machine system, where, a fuzzy logic controller is developed to improve the stability of the power system. caller, call date, time, message content or image) and send it to server.

In this paper we are investigating the one such method which is presented to overcome above said problems related to the text mining’s. In an insulated engine, the energy loss is avoided by applying a layer of insulating material over the components (air gap piston and ceramic coated cylinder head, valve and cylinder liner) of the combustion chamber. The results show the application of the fuzzy controller in AC-DC power systems and case studied at different fault locations. And camera images and can see anytime, from anywhere by login remotely from his mobile. So in the present work the turbulence is provided in the combustion chamber with grooves on the piston insert. Ph D thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, National Engineering School of Tunis/INSA Toulouse; 2004. Sfar Felfoul H, Clastres P, Carles GA, Ben Ouezdou M. Geo Eng 2000, Mellourne, Australia; November (2000), pp.19–21. Performance study of a HUASB Reactor for Treating Tapioca-Based Starch Industrial Waste Stream, Jl. The mobile phones have the additional features like camera, mp3, multimedia A/V, etc. The system will enable data sharing between mobile, pen drive, digital camera and the device having USB interface. Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are being used to form large, dense networks for the purpose of long term environmental sensing and data collection. In order to meet such requirements the coding languages used for it are modified here.

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